The Hispanic population is the fastest-growing and youngest segment of the US population. The estimated Hispanic population of the United States, as of July 2011, is 52 million (16.7%), making it the largest minority population in the nation. Hispanic kids make up 23% of the 17 and under population and millennials (ages 18-35) make up another 65% of the U.S. Hispanic population. Despite the steady Hispanic population boom, business leaders and marketers don’t feel they can properly capitalize on their Hispanic opportunity, so they choose to not do anything at all. As result, they spend on average only 5% to 6% of all advertising budgets on a population who already represents 17% of the total population. A small budget mostly spent it on none culturally relevant marketing campaigns.

Indoor Advertising Facts & Benefits …

Indoor advertising has proven to obtain a high recall rate—65% within 30-days and also works well with other media to help build your brand. Indoor digital ads are strategically displayed at Hispanic grocery stores and retailers with high foot traffic. Our advertising reaches a captive audience at a time when there are few distractions, therefore has a higher recall rate than other media.

Targeted: Delivers your message to a specific audience and coverage area.
Highly Visible: Delivers your message in a big, bold and unavoidable format.
Repetition: Constant ad rotation throughout the day.
Efficient Media: Unlike other media formats, it cannot be turned down or thrown away.
Creative: Top notch Hispanic team will deliver a high quality design and relevant message.

Average time spent the medium: 2-4 minutes
Over 30,000 gross impressions per location

Hispanics grocery shop with family or friends on nearly 80% of their shopping trips and do more grocery shopping than the average US shopper, according to Univision’s study.