En Contacto Radio Show- Vicky Hidalgo from Mankato State University

En Contacto: Broadcasted January 7th, 2015.

On Wednesday, January 7th we interviewed Vicky Hidalgo, Recruitment and Retention Advisor at Mankato State University.  Vicky shared with the audience the different resources and careers Mankato State University offers to Latino students who want to pursue a 4 year degree.  As a testimonial to Mankato’s success enrolling and guiding Latinos (as), students Maria Ruiz and Leea Reyes shared their incredible experience as college students at Mankato University. They both highlighted the importance of having Latino advisors at the University and the pivotal role they play in their college life.  The best of luck to these talented and hard-working students!

Mankato State Students Leea (left) and Maria (right). Vicky Hidalgo, Recruitment and Retention Advisor (center).

Mankato State Students Leea Reyes (left) and Maria Ruiz (right). Vicky Hidalgo, Recruitment and Retention Advisor (center).

Mankato State University has a well established Latino Club called “Chican0 Latin-American Student Association (CLASA)” and a Latino Wellness Program presided by student Maria Ruiz. In a nutshell: Mankato State offers more than 150 degrees and is located in the City of Mankato, Minnesota.   Tuition and Fees: $7,500 approximately.

For more information please contact Vicky Hidalgo at: Tel. 507.389.1719  Via Email: victoria.hidalgo-gonzalez@mnsu.edu

Tune in every Wednesday from 4-5pm on Radio Rey 630am. On line: www.radiorey630am.com  Call in: 651.227.6300

Hosted by Juan A. Vazquez and produced by: www.multivisionmediagroup.com

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