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Saint Paul, MN (January 23, 2015).  Multivision Media Group today announced the release of its news and analysis “En Contacto” podcast.  The podcast is recorded live from Radio Rey 630 AM studios in Saint Paul every Wednesday at 4pm and it is now available on the Multivision Media Group Blog Page.

Each week En Contacto podcast will feature its news summary, interviews with experts on various topics relevant the Latino audience such as health, immigration, politics, education, social justice, among others. Lastly, in the last segment listeners will have the opportunity to ask questions via phone and social media.  One of the best features of the podcast consists on having the audience participate with questions or comments.

*Note listen to the rest of the podcast in our podcast page:

The first En Contacto Podcast features a phone interview to Navigate’s Executive Director Emilia Gonzalez Avalos.  Navigate MN has taken a very active role on the informative immigration DAPA forums, just as they did two years ago with the DACA immigration workshops. Part of the interview also includes a brief analysis on President’s Obama State of the Union address and its relevancy on immigration.  In studio, En Contacto podcast includes an interview to the Mexican Consul in Saint Paul Alberto Fierro.  The Mexican Government, through its 50 consulates, is facilitating the issuance of Mexican birth certificates as the new DAPA relief program unveils and birth certificates may be required as a form of identification.   Consul Alberto Fierro invited listeners to call in advance to set up appointments as the consulate’s workload has tripled with the unveiling of the DAPA relief program.

En Contacto was conceived as a necessity to the growing Latino population in Minnesota who lacked informative and edifying Spanish content. Now our community can listen and learn about local resources and educational services,” said Juan Vazquez, President of Multivision Media Group and producer of the En Contacto podcast. “En Contacto will continue its leadership on producing relevant and enriching content to the Latino audience in Minnesota. That’s our priority.”

En Contacto podcast is produced and recorded live on the air every Wednesday at 4pm in the Radio Rey 630 AM studios. The podcast is available the next day at:

For questions or interview requests, please contact us via email at

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