Hispanics in College

Hispanics are the youngest population group, one-in-four public elementary school students is Latino. Unfortunately, its demographic feat does not equal its education achievement. Nationally, Minnesota has the largest achievement gap for Latinos with only 51 percent of high school graduation rate, whereas 84 percent of whites graduated from high school. Consequently, a dreadful high school graduation rate is also reflected in the huge disparity college gap for young Hispanics. The percentage of Hispanics with bachelor’s degrees was just 13.2 percent in 2009 in contrast with 27.3 percent of the general population. Such a disproportionate education gap requires basic grassroots tactics and a cultural-know-how strategy.

Multivision Media Group has developed and proven a successful four-step plan that has helped colleges in Minnesota increase the number of Hispanics students enrolled at their institutions. Education has been a passion for the Multivision Media Group team, we have gone through the process and have identified the impediments that prevent young Hispanics to obtain a higher education degree. Secondly, we have created an antidote to overcome the “no college” perceptions that have been unconsciously instigated in young Hispanics. For instance, one perception deeply rooted in students it is the high cost of higher education. Multivision Media Group has created educational campaigns for students and mainly for parents to knock down that ill perception. We have used cost comparison tables so they can relate better to college cost and the benefits of a college educated person versus someone with no higher education. We have ensured in our campaigns that Hispanics see it as an investment rather than an expense. We have also raised funds for students as part of our public relations strategy on behalf of colleges.

Our Integrated and Successful 4- Step Strategy.

Creating and Implementing a Marketing Plan

– Increase the enrollment of Hispanic students


– Implement a human-support strategy


– Create a navigation strategy to direct students to resources and on-hand counseling


Increase graduation rate and expose recent graduates to employers. Our four-step guide has been proven success at the different colleges it has been implemented. Each step has to be followed in the sequence listed above to ensure success and requires long term commitment from the college and institution. It is essential that students perceived tangible support from the staff at their college, a support that can’t be given from parents unfamiliar with the higher education system in the U.S. If students feel welcome and supported at their college, they’ll pass the word around and then a successful education cycle would have begun.

Contact us for a free consultation! We’ll create a successful strategy that will help you walk your Hispanic students from enrollment to graduation, the path every student should follow.

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