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LEDC Call for Nominations 2015

 Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC), in its efforts to continue promoting community building and leadership, invites the LEDC membership, community organizations, and the community as a whole, to nominate individuals or businesses to receive an award at LEDC’s annual meeting on May 14, 2014 under the following categories:

  • Clementina Serna-Environmentally Latinos Business 2014

    Clementina Serna-Environmentally Latinos Business 2014

  • Socially Responsible Business of the Year: Do you know or work for a business where you are treated in a fair human way, receive benefits or incentives, educational or promotional opportunities, or the owner is known to be a leader in his/her community?
  • LEDC Student of the Year: Can you nominate an LEDC student that has demonstrated a genuine respect for learning and has had significant growth in their subject matter?  This student demonstrated a good example and leadership in the classroom through participation and attendance.
  • Latina Entrepreneur of the Year: Do you know a Latina entrepreneur, who is a leader in her community, a role model, and owns a successful business?
  • Friend of the Community: Do you know an individual, who is known for his/her passionate work on behalf of his/her community?

Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in this important process! If you know anybody who would fit the descriptions above, please call (612) 724-5332 before April 19, 2015 to submit your nomination.  If you prefer, use the nomination form for the individual or business you are nominating along with his/her contact information and the reason why you think he/she should be an award recipient, and email, fax or mail it to one of the addresses below.  Please do not forget to include your name and phone number in case we have any questions.

Thank you very much for your participation.

MAIL                                                              FAX                            EMAIL

Latino Economic Development Center

Attn’ Nominations                                           612.724.5342             clayton@ledc-mn.org

1501 East Lake Street, Suite 201

Minneapolis, MN 55407

Tel.: (612) 724-5232

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