Academia Cesar Chavez-Bilingual Educational Partner

Academia Cesar Chavez (ACC) is dedicated to providing a quality dual-language education
that prepares critically thinking, socially competent, values driven, and culturally aware
bilingual and biliterate learners by advocating Latino cultural values in an environment of
familia and community.



Academia Cesar Chavez is hiring an Educational Partner for the 2014-15 school year. This
position exists to assist, support and work closely with teachers in providing educational and
behavior support for students.

Major Functions and Responsibilities:
 Work with individual students and groups of students in their target area of learning
needs/or social skills development and support their goals and objectives
 Work closely with the teacher to make sure that students are finishing assignments
and all work is being turned in
 Assist the teacher in documentation and translation of documents to Spanish
 Serve also as an interpreter in the meetings as needed
 Assist the teacher in evaluation testing or any testing required with students serving
as an interpreter if the student feels they need to answer certain questions in Spanish

Position Requirements:
 Bilingual/Bi-literate in English and Spanish highly preferred
 2-year college degree or working toward a degree
 Knowledgeable about the educational and social needs of Latino and urban learners
and their families. Believe that all youth can achieve academic excellence
 Desire to support students and productive learning environments
 Knowledgeable of academic content and standards highly preferred

Interested applicants may submit a resume and a letter of interest to To learn more about Academia Cesar Chavez visit

Other job opportunities:

Green Campaign

Latin@ Models for Green Campaign Needed

Multivision Media Group, the leading Hispanic Marketing Co. in Minnesota, is a full service cross-cultural Marketing company with a proven track record of innovative and creative solid marketing solutions.  We are looking for three adults (Females & Males) and three kids (Females and Males) for a Marketing Green campaign. Requirements:

Green Campaign

Green Campaign

FEMALE & MALE  (Between the ages 20 – 30 yrs old)

Be Latino | Live in Ramsey County | Outgoing Personality | Photogenic

Deadline: December 15th | Photo shoot January, 2016

Selected models will be notified via email, including date and location of photo shoot.

For consideration, please submit face photos to:

Multivision Media Group, all rights reserved.

El Colegio Charter High School

Office Manager Position Open at El Colegio Charter School


PURPOSE:           Provide administrative support for school to meet administrative goals.

      • Work with Executive Director to monitor and manage administrative budget, ensuring cost-effectiveness in all areas, and focusing on meeting budget targets.
      • Deliver effective student and learning program support services.
El Colegio Charter High School

El Colegio Charter High School

Roles and responsibilities

  1. Manage students records and information
  • Ensure all student files are complete, accurate, orderly, and properly stored
  • Ensure updated student information into computer database (Schoolmaster)
  • Maintain data privacy standards at all times
  • Request student records from previous schools as necessary
  • Forward student records to next schools as necessary
  • Ensure student photos are uploaded to student database.
    • Input and update contact information for students/parents as needed
    • Work with Executive Director (ED), Academic Dean and Counselor to ensure accuracy with respect to enrollment status in courses
      • Input students in courses
      • Update as needed
    • Work with Attendance Team to ensure attendance data is accurate and up to date
      • Provide data on which courses/teachers are up to date with attendance
      • Input and update attendance data as necessary (in general teachers are responsible for their daily classroom attendance, however, situations will arise or practices may be put in place which require the Office to enter attendance.)
      • Provide monthly attendance reports as requested
    • Work with ED to ensure appropriate training and support for staff in use of database
  1. Deliver successful student and learning program support services at cost effective rates, including:
  • Purchasing of materials
    • Support purchasing of materials as directed by Executive Director
    • Monitor  paper supplies for school-wide photocopying needs and make purchases accordingly
  • Food programs: state, federal and grant related programs
    • Develop and monitor food program budget in collaboration with ED
    • Develop and implement school food program in accordance with state and federal requirements
    • Ensure system for tracking meals served in accordance with state and federal requirements
    • Ensure high rate of collection of “application for educational benefits” (free/reduced lunch form)
    • Develop and implement system for billing of students and staff (under the direction of ED) for meals eaten – as appropriate
    • Order food for meals as needed
    • Work directly with caterer to ensure high level of service and high quality of food
    • Investigate new vendors as appropriate
    • Maintain records as required by state and federal requirements
      • Menus
      • Food production records
      • Records of meals served
    • Update and maintain CLICs system in an accurate and timely fashion to ensure proper state and federal reimbursements of meals
  • Management of student transportation system
    • Develop and Implement system to distribute and track bus cards and/or token to students
      • Collaborate with AD to develop budget for student transportation
      • Ensure sufficient inventory of bus cards
      • Ensure sufficient inventory of tokens
    • Support transportation needs for student/staff field trips
      • Provide tokens or bus cards to staff as requested for field trips
      • Order busses or taxis as appropriate for field trips upon approval by ED or AD
  • Reliable technology infrastructure.
    • Create new user names, passwords, e-mails, etc. as appropriate for new students and staff
    • Communicate with Technology staff as appropriate to support smooth functioning of system.
    • Manage e-mail accounts
  1. Develop and manage processes for day to day office activities and school support
  • Develop and monitor office/administrative budget in collaboration with AD working to increase efficiencies while lower costs as appropriate.
  • Ensure proper maintenance, operation and tracking of office equipment
  • Maintain and update office wall calendar
  • Support school accounting system
  • Maintain a professional, clean and orderly office.
  • Sorting and opening mail as appropriate
  • Preparing outgoing mail as appropriate
  • Maintain staff data
    • Photocopiers (office and advisory)
    • Postage meter
    • Phone system
    • Prepare accounts payable
    • Prepare deposits and go to bank as appropriate
    • Communicate with and support activities of school accountant as appropriate
    • Maintain business files
      • Vendor files
      • Banking files
    • Address and phone list
    • Work with AD and ED to account for staff time off
  1. Execute MARSS reporting to the state in an accurate and timely fashion.
  • Include accurate data and codes for all required areas including, but not limited to:
  • Consult with Administrative Director before and after each submission deadline
    • Start date
    • End date
    • Resident district
    • Grade
    • Student Demographic data
    • MARSS numbers
    • Transportation
    • Attendance
    • Special Education
      • Consult with special education staff and Administrative Director to ensure accuracy
    • Develop shared calendar of all submission deadlines
    • Review MARSS reports with AD upon receipt from MDE
    • Provide ADM reports to AD after each submission report
    • Consult with Education Director and AD to ensure accurate attendance related to dropping students after 15 days absence.
  1. Work with other Administrative Staff to provide initial point of contact for school ensuring a positive school image
  • Answer phones and take appropriate action
  • Greet all visitors who enter the building and respond to their needs appropriately
  • Check phone messages on a daily basis and take appropriate action
  • Create and monitor “attendance mailbox.”
    • Promote building safety by ensuring all visitors sign in
  1. Support overall building operations
  • Open and close the gallery as appropriate
  • Lock and unlock front door as appropriate
  • Facilitate the work of maintenance, cleaning, and other contractors as needed by directing them to appropriate personnel or location for work to be done.
  • Support overall cleanliness and orderliness of building entrance area including the rotunda
  1. Support school marketing efforts and community outreach to ensure a positive school image and meet enrollment goals.
  • Attend events as appropriate – sufficient notice given by ED
  • Attend to student prospects and execute enrollment of new students
  • Maintain sufficient number of marketing materials, particularly brochures
    • Community events
    • Open houses events
    • other
    • Maintain prospect data base
    • Receive prospect calls
    • Call prospects as appropriate
    • Orient prospects to the school
      • Tours
      • Provide verbal or written information
    • Send information by mail as appropriate
    • Facilitate new enrollments
      • Maintain sufficient number of enrollment packages in English and Spanish at all times
      • Support families to complete enrollment forms in English and Spanish
    • Maintain El Colegio marketing table in rotunda
      • Ensure orderliness
      • Ensure quality and quantity of appropriate matierals
  1. Support student academic success
    • Call parents as appropriate
    • Provide supervision as necessary
    • Communicate with ED, Dean or social worker as appropriate when made aware of student behaviors or circumstances that are of concern.
    • Implement school-wide student behavior policies and practices
  1. Support school-wide fundraising efforts
  • Maintain and update fundraising data base
  • Receive and document donations
  • Prepare appropriate “thank you” letters.
  • Support mailing efforts
  1. Provide administrative support to Executive Director as requested or appropriate
  • Provide data or information as requested
  • Carry out projects in an accurate and timely fashion as requested
  • Support state or federal reporting and application activities as requested
  1. Manage and direct other Administrative and Food Program Staff as appropriate to complete above job duties.
  • Receptionists / Administrative Assistants
  • Food Service Staff
  1. Translate documents from as needed.
Please send your Resume to:
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: $30,000 depending on experience
Required experience:
Job experience is required: 2 years
Required language:
— Please send resume to
Miriam_MIjangos_Latina entrepreneur of the year


El Centro para el Desarrollo Económico Latino (LEDC) en su esfuerzo por promover el liderazgo entre nuestra comunidad, invita a su membresía, organizaciones comunitarias y a la comunidad en general a nominar a individuos o negocios para ser reconocidos en la reunión anual de la organización el 14 de mayo del presente año bajo las siguientes categorías:

  • Negocio Socialmente Responsable del Año: ¿Conoce usted o trabaja para un negocio en donde recibe un trato amable, le otorgan beneficios, incentivos, y/u oportunidades educacionales o de promoción a los mismos, o el propietario es reconocido por participar en asuntos de su comunidad?
  • LEDC Estudiante del Año: ¿Puedes nombrar a un estudiante de LEDC que ha demostrado un genuino respeto por el aprendizaje y ha tenido un crecimiento significante en el objeto? Este estudiante demostró un buen ejemplo y liderazgo en la clase a través de su participación y asistencia.
  • Empresaria Latina del Año: ¿Conoce a una mujer Latina emprendedora, propietaria de negocio, que sea un ejemplo para la sociedad, y una líder empresaria exitosa?
  • Amigo/a de la Comunidad: ¿Conoce a algún individuo quien desinteresadamente dona tiempo y esfuerzo en beneficio de su comunidad?




CORREO                                                        FAX                   CORREO ELECTRONICO

Latino Economic Development Center

Attn’ Nominations                                           612.724.5342  

1501 East Lake Street, Suite 201

Minneapolis, MN 55407

Tel.: (612) 724-5232

Miriam_MIjangos_Latina entrepreneur of the year

LEDC Call for Nominations 2015

 Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC), in its efforts to continue promoting community building and leadership, invites the LEDC membership, community organizations, and the community as a whole, to nominate individuals or businesses to receive an award at LEDC’s annual meeting on May 14, 2014 under the following categories:

  • Clementina Serna-Environmentally Latinos Business 2014

    Clementina Serna-Environmentally Latinos Business 2014

  • Socially Responsible Business of the Year: Do you know or work for a business where you are treated in a fair human way, receive benefits or incentives, educational or promotional opportunities, or the owner is known to be a leader in his/her community?
  • LEDC Student of the Year: Can you nominate an LEDC student that has demonstrated a genuine respect for learning and has had significant growth in their subject matter?  This student demonstrated a good example and leadership in the classroom through participation and attendance.
  • Latina Entrepreneur of the Year: Do you know a Latina entrepreneur, who is a leader in her community, a role model, and owns a successful business?
  • Friend of the Community: Do you know an individual, who is known for his/her passionate work on behalf of his/her community?

Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in this important process! If you know anybody who would fit the descriptions above, please call (612) 724-5332 before April 19, 2015 to submit your nomination.  If you prefer, use the nomination form for the individual or business you are nominating along with his/her contact information and the reason why you think he/she should be an award recipient, and email, fax or mail it to one of the addresses below.  Please do not forget to include your name and phone number in case we have any questions.

Thank you very much for your participation.

MAIL                                                              FAX                            EMAIL

Latino Economic Development Center

Attn’ Nominations                                           612.724.5342   

1501 East Lake Street, Suite 201

Minneapolis, MN 55407

Tel.: (612) 724-5232

Hispanics Shopping at Target

As Target Sinks, Latino Shoppers Come to Its Rescue

For all of us who don’t visit Canada or own Target stock, it caught us by surprise Target’s announcement to massively shutdown its 133 stores in Canada. Apparently, the Canadians did not fall in love with the Bull Eye brand soon enough-remaining loyal to local brands-forcing top management to cut losses and leave. Target’s venture in Canada can be used as a case study on how large retailers fail the basic principles of market research and branding loyalty. How can a retail giant like Target fail to distinguish itself from local retailers and widely expand before gaining toehold? One can assume, based on the given results, that Target’s management lacked the most basic principles of international market expansion. As it usually occurs in a global economy, the faltering of the Canadian fiasco is taking a toll at home where Target has announced its plan to layoff thousands of employees over a two-year period.

Hispanics Shopping at Target

Hispanics Shopping at Target

As expected, the massive layoffs and elimination of thousands of positions is part of a re invention strategy aimed to save the company $2 billion. One can only guess that Target’s top Canadian executive was the first to let go, a little too late and hundreds of millions later. Now the remaining top executives are pursuing a broad turnaround plan consisting of targeting young Hispanic adults. The strategy is not innovating by itself; other discount-retailers have long implemented it. The million dollar question, no pun intended, is why did Target aggressively expanded in Canada and neglected the Latino Market?

Hispanics accounted for more than 60 percent of the U.S. population between 2000 and 2015. Their purchasing power is expected to reach 1.5 trillion this year. Furthermore, more than 70 percent of the Latino population is under 40 years of age, a number that has motivated General Motors and other large corporations to advertise heavily and smarter in Latino media outlets. Will Target make the same mistakes as it did in Canada? I do not know. What I know is that Target’s new plan can be very profitable is executed right. Stay away from the “one size fits all” strategy and hire bicultural professionals with cultural knowledge. If so, a lucrative horizon awaits ahead.

By: Juan A. Vázquez/President
The most effective way to reach out to the Latino market, period!
Multivision Media Group, LLC | 651.331.8461 | |


Hispanic Millennials: A Large Market Every Wants and No One Gets

As demographics continue to shift in the United States, marketers and corporations are literately lost on how to market a large segment of the Latino population: Millennials. For those still anew to Millenials, it refers to those individuals ages 18 and older but born after 1980.  The sense of urgency in the marketing world was triggered by the 2010 Census data and compiled by the Hispanic Pew Research revealing that one in five American Millenials is Hispanic. For Hispanics as a standalone group, Millenials currently represents 42% of its total population.  The numbers, as impressive as they might be, currently represent an issue more so than an opportunity as most marketers lack a multicultural platform to target an audience that they don’t get.  The numbers are legible; the approach is blurry at best.


Hispanic Millennials represent a paradigm to marketers not only for being part of a non-homogenous group but because in their own right they are not homogenous either. One segment of the Hispanic millennials is foreign born, usually referred as DREAMERS. They were brought into the United States as kids without legal status. Many of them are currently beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) although their status remains undefined. They are bilingual and live in both cultures.  The second segment is very similar to the first one but they are U.S. citizens born to immigrant parents.  The third segment refers to young Hispanics born to Latino families that have been living in the U.S. for two or more generations.  Their level of cultural identity varies depending on their surroundings (i.e. Chicago vs. Massachusetts).  In spite all their differences, Hispanic millenials still embrace their food, family and music.

Hispanic millennials, just like their counterparts, embrace the technological life style commonly characterized by social media networking, instant messaging, and smart phone media.  However, Hispanic millenials are 211% more likely to download content from the internet in comparison to the general population.  If indeed downloads are an effective way to expose a brand, marketers have missed a great opportunity to interact with 20% of the millennial population.  Hispanic millennials have completely moved away from printed media, more than 60 percent are online and that’s their preferred method to receive their favorite media content.  It certainly represents a great opportunity for media content providers to engage Hispanics online if they do it right.

The biggest flaw of all when targeting millennials lies on a basic marketing principle: language.  Yes, Hispanic millennials are more receptive to the English language media than their parents, but it doesn’t mean translating ads from English to Spanish is the solution.  The message has to be culturally relevant and show a “genuine” understanding of the demographic group. Anything short of that, it is high likely to become an irrelevant marketing effort.

In short, we are in a marketing era where it is less about language and more about cultural fluency. Marketers targeting millennials have to revamp their marketing strategies and hire bilingual and bicultural marketers to better attract a large and elusive demographic group.

Sources: Hispanic Pew Research, 2010 Census,  Latinpost

Juan A. Vázquez/President
The most effective way to reach out to the Latino market, period!
Multivision Media Group, LLC | 651.331.8461
Consul Aberto Fierro


Saint Paul, MN (January 23, 2015).  Multivision Media Group today announced the release of its news and analysis “En Contacto” podcast.  The podcast is recorded live from Radio Rey 630 AM studios in Saint Paul every Wednesday at 4pm and it is now available on the Multivision Media Group Blog Page.

Each week En Contacto podcast will feature its news summary, interviews with experts on various topics relevant the Latino audience such as health, immigration, politics, education, social justice, among others. Lastly, in the last segment listeners will have the opportunity to ask questions via phone and social media.  One of the best features of the podcast consists on having the audience participate with questions or comments.

*Note listen to the rest of the podcast in our podcast page:

The first En Contacto Podcast features a phone interview to Navigate’s Executive Director Emilia Gonzalez Avalos.  Navigate MN has taken a very active role on the informative immigration DAPA forums, just as they did two years ago with the DACA immigration workshops. Part of the interview also includes a brief analysis on President’s Obama State of the Union address and its relevancy on immigration.  In studio, En Contacto podcast includes an interview to the Mexican Consul in Saint Paul Alberto Fierro.  The Mexican Government, through its 50 consulates, is facilitating the issuance of Mexican birth certificates as the new DAPA relief program unveils and birth certificates may be required as a form of identification.   Consul Alberto Fierro invited listeners to call in advance to set up appointments as the consulate’s workload has tripled with the unveiling of the DAPA relief program.

En Contacto was conceived as a necessity to the growing Latino population in Minnesota who lacked informative and edifying Spanish content. Now our community can listen and learn about local resources and educational services,” said Juan Vazquez, President of Multivision Media Group and producer of the En Contacto podcast. “En Contacto will continue its leadership on producing relevant and enriching content to the Latino audience in Minnesota. That’s our priority.”

En Contacto podcast is produced and recorded live on the air every Wednesday at 4pm in the Radio Rey 630 AM studios. The podcast is available the next day at:

For questions or interview requests, please contact us via email at

Ramsey County Calendar 2015

Lanza el Condado de Ramsey Calendario Gratuito Sobre Prácticas de Reciclaje

Por quinto año consecutivo el Condado de Ramsey County produce, imprime y distribuye su calendario anual GRATUITO sobre prácticas responsables de reciclaje. Cada año se escoge un tópico de reciclaje diferente para ir rotando e informando de las muchas prácticas responsables que se pueden hacer en casa o afuera de ella. Este año se hizo una variación diferente donde se incluyen practicas responsables de reciclaje de los siguientes artículos: Medicamentos, Electrónicos, Reciclaje para negocios, Desechos Domésticos Peligrosos, Desechos Orgánicos, Jardinería y Parques.

Ramsey County Calendar 2015

Ramsey County Calendar 2015


Los diferentes tópicos de reciclaje están vertidos en los diferentes meses de año y de acuerdo a la relevancia del mes. Por ejemplo, en octubre el tema del mes es reciclaje de jardinería, muy acorde con la temporada de otoño y la caída de hojas en el jardín. Este año particularmente se hace mucho hincapié en como reciclar responsablemente protege el medio ambiente para futuras generaciones. Siendo la comunidad Latina la más joven en el país, hace bastante sentido reciclar ahora para que los niños tengan un país y un planeta limpio donde crecer.

El calendario 2014 de reciclaje es distribuido en la mayoría de los negocios Latinos en el Condado de Ramsey y es completamente GRATUITO. En la parte de atrás del mismo encontrara más información sobre las locaciones y horarios de sitios de reciclaje GRATUITOS abiertos todo el año. Para más información, comuníquese al: 651.633.3279 (presione 2 para español) En Línea: Reciclaje para negocios:

En parte producido por:


En Contacto Radio Show- Vicky Hidalgo from Mankato State University

En Contacto: Broadcasted January 7th, 2015.

On Wednesday, January 7th we interviewed Vicky Hidalgo, Recruitment and Retention Advisor at Mankato State University.  Vicky shared with the audience the different resources and careers Mankato State University offers to Latino students who want to pursue a 4 year degree.  As a testimonial to Mankato’s success enrolling and guiding Latinos (as), students Maria Ruiz and Leea Reyes shared their incredible experience as college students at Mankato University. They both highlighted the importance of having Latino advisors at the University and the pivotal role they play in their college life.  The best of luck to these talented and hard-working students!

Mankato State Students Leea (left) and Maria (right). Vicky Hidalgo, Recruitment and Retention Advisor (center).

Mankato State Students Leea Reyes (left) and Maria Ruiz (right). Vicky Hidalgo, Recruitment and Retention Advisor (center).

Mankato State University has a well established Latino Club called “Chican0 Latin-American Student Association (CLASA)” and a Latino Wellness Program presided by student Maria Ruiz. In a nutshell: Mankato State offers more than 150 degrees and is located in the City of Mankato, Minnesota.   Tuition and Fees: $7,500 approximately.

For more information please contact Vicky Hidalgo at: Tel. 507.389.1719  Via Email:

Tune in every Wednesday from 4-5pm on Radio Rey 630am. On line:  Call in: 651.227.6300

Hosted by Juan A. Vazquez and produced by: